Image Studio allows you to craft stunning images with a plethora of customization options. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of generating images using the Image Studio, enabling you to harness your creativity efficiently.

Step 1: Accessing Image Studio

First, go to Image Studio through the side panel. Here, you’ll see ‘My Creations’, showing all your awesome images. Want to make a new one? Click the ‘New Image’ button.

AI Image

Step 2: Picking a version

At the very top of the side panel, you can choose between V1 and V2. Version 1 is free and versatile. Version 2 that has the latest cool tech to make the best images!

AI Image Generator

Step 3: Selecting content type

Next, pick an image mode from the dropdown.

  • Choose “Portrait” if you want to make characters that can talk in the foreground of Video Studio.
  • Choose “General” if you want to use the image in the background of Video Studio
AI Image Generator

Next to the image mode dropdown, you’ll find the Aspect Ratio selector.

Choose an image shape:

  1. square (1:1) for Instagram
  2. horizontal (3:2) for video stories and covers
  3. vertical (2:3) for phone backgrounds and reels stories on social media.
AI Image Resolutions

Step 4: Describing your image

Use the text box under ‘Your Prompt’ to describe your image, starting with the location and characters, and then the style.

AI Image Prompts

Want to leave something out of your image? Just turn on the ‘Exclude from image’ toggle below and add negative prompts.

Exclude from AI Image

Step 5: Choosing a style

As a final step, you can pick a style for your image, this changes how your image looks. You can either go with one style or apply multiple styles.

AI Image Style

To get different styles, click the ‘Add style’ button to choose from a long list of pre-defined styles.

AI Image Style

Step 6: Generating your image

With all the above options adjusted, click the ‘Generate’ button and Artflow will start visualizing your ideas.

AI Image Generation

Once your image is done, it will appear in the centre of the screen, as well as in the gallery panel to the right.

Now, you’ll have several options: you can download your image, create variations of it to bring it closer to your vision, or use it in Video Studio to animate it.

If you made a character (whether as a portrait or as a part of an regular image), you could even make them talk in Video Studio!

AI Image Generated


Leverage the diverse and innovative features of Image Studio to bring your imagination to life. Creating remarkable images in Image Studio is a straightforward and enjoyable process, offering extensive customization options.

By choosing the version, defining the image mode, setting the aspect ratio, crafting prompts, and selecting styles, you can generate unique images that fit your creative vision.

Whether you are a seasoned designer or a creative enthusiast, this platform empowers you to design and generate images with ease and precision.

So, dive into the world of Image Studio and let your creativity flow! Try today!